Saturday, January 11, 2014


David Bowie, Danielle Steele, and a whole lot of other folks seem to think that a title like "Changes" is the height of creativity. Okay, I love David Bowie, so I'll give him a pass. And my wife went through a Danielle Steele phase, and who am I to criticize someone who can hit the NY Times bestseller list whenever she wants—just like I want to do?

Ahem. Anyway, changes. I recently realized that I can't have an infinite number of "Pages" over there on the right, where I've been placing chapters of Prodigal Prince every week or so (okay, I dropped the ball a little around Christmas and the new year, but I'm going to get back up to speed in 2014—promise).

Apparently I can only have 20 Pages over there. But I can have a whole bunch of Posts. I'm trying to draw readers in, but that obviously won't work if they can only read the latest chapters without any context ("Who is this Foxe guy? Why are they stuck in a nebula? Will Valeria ever give Foxe a good hard punch in the gut?"). So I'll leave Chapter 1 in Pages, and put the rest of PP into Posts, and everyone will be happy and thrilled? Right? Right?

Of course, this will take a little weekend time. I just cut-and-pasted the first ten chapters into a Post, and now I have to go out to get dinner from the take-out place on the corner. I'll rearrange the rest of the Prodigal Prince chapters later tonight or tomorrow, depending on the beer situation.

By the way, my favorite David Bowie song is "Under Pressure."

I do not have a favorite Danielle Steele novel.

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