Friday, November 8, 2013

I come in peace

Greetings. If you’re visiting this blog because you happened to pick up one of the flyers I left out at Windycon, that means I didn’t visit Kinko’s in vain.

I’m John. “Light Years Away” is my blog, designed to inflict some of my writing on the world in hopes of attracting a publisher, or an agent, or at least a few groupies. In “Stories,” over to the right, you’ll find chapters of Prodigal Prince, my SF action-adventure novel. I’ve moved Chapter One to the top so you can start in the right place.

You’ll also find a few short stories featuring my series character, an interstellar agent named Foxe—a sort of James Bond/Jack Bauer type who travels throughout the known galaxy. He’s armed and dangerous, but not always as ruthless as he pretends to be. You can find out about his origins (in my mind) here:

My newest short story about Foxe, “Meat,” should also be over there on the right.

I’ve also written an urban fantasy novel that I’m shopping around: A Bar Called Revelations, featuring bar owner Luther Kane, an ex-priest with the uncanny ability to detect demonic evil in the people around him—who always seem to wander into his bar at the wrong moment.

Me? I live in Chicago, where I write and edit newsletters on management and communication. I’ve been doing it for over 20 years, so I must be doing something right.

Welcome to my blog. Enjoy.

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