Sunday, October 27, 2013

New name, real name

You might have noticed that I've renamed the blog. "Experiment in Terror" reflected the fact that I knew nothing about putting together a blog when I started this process, and I was nervous about putting it out there. So terrified, in fact, that I didn't use my real name.

("Grant" was my father's middle name, and the name that he was frequently called by, especially by my mother. So I really am John Grant's Son).

But now, under "About Me," you can see not only my picture (and my award! I won an award once!) but my real name. So I guess the fear factor has gone down.

The new name reflects my interest in space opera: Star Trek/Star Wars-type interstellar action, with exotic aliens, strange planets, heroes and villains, and frequent explosions. Yes, I've been working on an urban fantasy series, complete with vampires, ghosts, and demons, but for right now I plan on keeping those two universes separate. We'll see.

Anyway, as a bonus, I'm adding a new Foxe story to the site. "Takeover strategies" isn't really new—I wrote it several years ago, but after a brisk edit, I think it works reasonably well. Feel free to tell my what you think.


  1. What do you think of John Scalzi's "old Man's War"? I am reading it right now and enjoying it.

  2. Oh, since his blog is in your blog list, perhaps that answers my question!

  3. "Old Man's War" is a great book. The best sequel is "The Lost Colony." Wasn't as thrilled by the others, but they're not bad. "Redshirts" won the Hugo this year, it's sort of a Star Trek satire. And his novella "The God Engines" is great. Probably more than you want to know . . .

  4. He's a U of Chicago grad as well. Saw him at a convention once and babbled to him briefly.